Visit Plaza de España Seville

Visit Plaza de España Seville

Emblematic building of the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, the
Plaza de España in Seville is the hallmark of the city, Seville
and from our country. If you visit Plaza de España this is all the info you need.


For sample, a curious but symbolic fact, the Plaza de
Spain in Seville has been chosen the best place of tourist interest
from Spain and Europe. And also the second best place in the world.

Today we bring you a series of curiosities to get to know Plaza de España better,
If you visit Seville and want to visit Plaza de España, here is everything
you need to know to enjoy our land.

The architect Aníbal González, who was also appointed to
assume the role of architect director of the proposal, exhibited a
sample for the Exhibition, where the areas were already determined
on which the future plaza would be built, although the sample does not
presented what it is today. It is the largest building that
were built in the city in the 20th century.

After several proposals before the final, in which
includes, they showed the possibility of making a huge stadium
sports, on July 14, 1914, for the first time, the Plaza appears
from Spain from Seville, in the place where it was intended to build, a
semicircular stadium, which would have communication with the park of
Maria Luisa.


Visit Plaza de España in Seville.

When the proposal was approved, in 1914, King Alfonso XIII,
lays the first stone and begins the construction works,
which began with the ground leveling works and the
respective removal of land. I mean

The adjacent lateral ships which would be the workshops of
learning, later the well-known Puerta de
Aragon and Navarra, which would be located in the center of the curves.

It was proposed to make 8 bridges, but in the end only 4 were built,
also, it was planned to do on the exterior wall of the buildings,
ceramic covered benches from the 48 Spanish provinces, with
except for the one in Seville, in the central corridor that crosses the
Plaza de España we also find the representation of all
the coats of arms of the corresponding provinces as well
they will know following an alphabetical order that goes from the North Tower and
to the South Tower.

It has 50,000 square meters and its 170 meters in diameter
they welcome neighbors and tourists to wrap them in a hug
symbolic. Not surprisingly, the intention of its architect was to make the
Plaza de España in Seville a tribute from Spain to America.

The construction work of the Plaza de España in Seville is
began in the year 1914 and it was for May of the year 1929, when the
architect Vicente Traver after the resignation of the architect
Aníbal González as architect who directed the works in 1926.


To visit Plaza de España in Seville, you have to go to Maria Luisa’s Park.

The plaza is semi circular in nature, as it is open in the
center and is considered a symbol, in which Spain embraces the
colonies of antiquity and which has a view of the river, which
He once points out the route to get to America, due to the importance
Seville received, since from the 16th century it was decreed
as capital of trade with the americas and remain in turn
as the epicenter of trade throughout the European territory.

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